Jacob's Ladder
Jacob's Ladder

    Jacob's Ladder "Sulam Ya'acov" necklace

    לחצי כאן לקריאת ביקורת על הפריט
       Jacob's Ladder - "Sulam Ya'acov" Necklace
      .Designed by inspiration of the Biblical Story
      The base of the pendant symbolize's the rock which
      Jacob rested upon, the doves symbolize the angles of peace
      .that ascended and descended the ladder
      They are designed to recall the cherubs that used to be
      .in the Holy Ark of the Holy Temple
      Length: 45 cm
      Extension chain: 5 cm
      Pendant: 2X1.8 cm
      ,The chain and pendant are made of stensteel
      .14K gold plated, and is water resistant
      Nickel free
      I am full of hope you will merit to sense the connection to
      ,Jacob's dream, that you will be attentive to your own dreams
      and the God in His great goodness will aid you 
      .in raising them up to the heavens and actualizing them on earth

      ,Best wishes

      עוד מוצרים שאולי תאהבי

      לחזור להתחלה

      לא זמין

      אזל המלאי